Monday, December 17, 2007

"Goodbye is not a good word"

The greatest travel map you have ever seen

So I’m home. The end of three months in Wales, and elsewhere. After three days of traveling and running around London I arrived at PDX late last night, and now surrounded by piles of paper and with an unopened suitcase still in the corner, I’m writing the final entry in my blog of this trip.

It’s been quite a ride. I thought to myself the other day that in some ways, you could describe my experience these last few months as having been one of chasing after buses and trains, eating way too much fish and chips, chatting up British girls, and bonding with housemates and friends over pints at the pubs. Since September, I’ve had the chance to travel all around the British Isles, study international politics in the oldest department of its kind in the world (some would also consider it one of the best), and see some of the best sunsets of my life. And through it all, I’ve made the kind of memories that will stay with me for a long time, meeting people and seeing places that I know I’ll never forget.

When a friend of mine returned from studying in India last spring, she wrote in her last entry online that although it was the end of her blog, it was by no means the end of the conversation on her experiences abroad. So again, if you want to hear more, let me know. Many of you are already more than familiar with my storytelling ways, and I have a lot of stories left to share that didn’t quite make the cut for one reason or another.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to you all in the future.



Laura flat 2 said...

Hey Case,

Glad to see you have got home safely. I am really glad you have enjoyed your journey(s) through the UK. We certainly have enjoyed having you. Thanks for your blogs, they have kept me entertained many a time when I have been avoiding work.

There isn't much left to say now apart from Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I definitely will speak to you soon.

girlalex said...

I was at PDX late last night! Didn't see you though. Welcome back to the drizzle - I'm glad you had a good time!

bluestonewales said...

It looks like you're having fun spending your wales holiday. I want to know more of your stories.. that for sure would be interesting!